Bridging Souls & Lands through a mobile festival management app

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This year, ‘BrightMed’ music & creative arts festival is set to grow to its largest size since its start 7 years ago. The three day event has brought under its umbrella films, talks, conferences & exhibitions as well as its Gibraltar World Music Festival. Due to BrightMed’s success in bringing together people from different parts of the world, with a common desire to promote unity in diversity and a passion for art, the organizers decided to deploy a dedicated festival management system to help provide visitors, vips, artists, producers, support staff and the international media with all they need to have an exceptional festival experience:

● Visitors and Friends: maps, events schedules, offers, and interactive activities to help visitors create their own festival content and share it with artists, media and other visitors.
● Artists: travel info, accommodation, performance info, riders, media engagement, and much more to help their performance be the very best it can be.
● Media: press packs, artist interactions and interview booking.
● Festival management: everything BrightMed needs to manage all aspects of the front and back of house, media, staff and more.

BrightMed Founder Yan Delgado said: “We have tried to find a holistic system, for managing all aspects of our festival for sometime and have chosen the TraffGen system as it brings all data and tools into one place. It will help us to raise their bar on what a festival can be. The ability to use a platform that provides a personalized, highly curated interaction with and between festival attendees Is increasingly important. The mobile app a level of digital engagement that has been hard to achieve in the past.”

Andy Caras-Altas, from TraffGen said: “BrightMed is a unique and remarkable multi-faceted festival that is attempting to innovate in entirely new ways. The challenges of boutique festivals regarding scale have not prevented BrightMed from embracing digital technology and aiming to give artists, media and of course visitors an experience they simply couldn’t get anywhere else in the world. We are very proud that the TraffGen Festival Management system has been selected to be part of this amazing experience.”

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