BrightMed Film Festival 2018 – Stranger in paradise

Stranger in paradise

“We don’t want you. We just can’t do it.” In a classroom, a teacher uses math to explain to a group of newly arrived migrants what their arrival will cost society. The asylum seekers try to refute the figures. They will work, won’t they, and contribute to society? The teacher shatters their illusions: half of them will never find work.

In three acts, director and screenwriter Guido Hendrikx reflects on the power relations between Europe and refugees. A blunt film essay in which the teacher receives three groups of migrants, each time adopting a different attitude: dismissive in the first part, then full of empathy and good will in the second, being dispassionate in the third. This brutally direct classroom exercise is enclosed with a buzzing prologue and reflective epilogue, stressing the absurdity of the power relation.

Director: Guido Hendrikx
Screenplay: Guido Hendrikx
Producer: Frank van den Engel
Cinematographer: Emo Weemhoff
Sound design: Tijn Hazen
Sound recording: Taco Drijfhout
Editor: Lot Rossmark
Composer: Ella van der Woude & Juho Nurmela
Executive producers: Elize Kerseboom, Julia van Schieveen, Fleur Welter
Delegate producer: Erik Glijnis
Commissioning editor: VPRO – Barbara Truyen
Actor: Valentijn Dhaenens

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