BrightMed International Seminar 2017 – From Conference to Confluence

Gibraltar World Music Festival 2017 – Uprising

fffToday, we are facing unprecedented challenges in each of our countries and in the world at large. While we yearn for co-existence, we are facing the forces of rising division and destruction, of exclusion and exploitation, of brutality and inhumanity. Yet we all know and have experienced that under these emergencies something new and positive is also emerging. We know that this time of breakdown is also a time of great breakthroughs. We are gathered together here on this historic Rock of Gibraltar that marries multiple cultures, in order to seed new possibilities for transformation in this time of turbulence.

Throughout human history, in times of turmoil, it was through the coming together of different voices in creative and humane dialogue, through the flowing together of diverse ideas, and the weaving together of new possibilities that breakthroughs were achieved, and breakdowns avoided or overcome.

We have designed this event to be not a conventional ‘conference’ where eminent speakers present their talks and the audience listens passively and few ask questions.

Rather this event is designed as a confluence. Each person who attends is a vital tributary to the shared flow of ideas and evocation of possibilities for transformation.

On this occasion we have invited authentic ‘Sages’ that will guide us in this challenge at the University of Gibraltar. They are Andre Azoulay, president of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures and of the Executive Committee of the Foundation for the Three Cultures and the Three Religions, based in Seville; Scilla Ellworthy, a peace builder, and the founder of the Oxford Research Group, a non-governmental organisation; Safia Taleb, an Iraqi politician and a member of the Council of Representatives of Iraq who was elected in December 2005 for the secular Iraqi National List; Bakhtiar Amin, a Kurdish Iraqi politician who was the Human Rights Minister in the Iraqi Interim Government from June 2004 to May 2005; and Simone Susskind, a Belgian politician from Brussels and a member of the Socialist Party and Founding President of Actions in the Mediterranean for the dialogue bet- ween Israel and the Palestinians.

The seminar will be conducted by Dr. Rama Mani, an expert in international peace and security, a poet and performance artist.

Our sages will share their unique ideas for transformation based on their deep expertise and personal and societal engagement from diverse backgrounds and contexts. Then they will engage every member of the audience to participate in this confluence or flowing and convergence of diverse possibilities to evoke and foster transformation.

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