BrightMed International Seminar 2017 – Simone Susskind

BrightMed International Seminar 2017

Simone_SusskindBaroness Simone Weinberger, widow David Susskind, born on October 19, 1947 in Brussels, is a Belgian politician from Brussels and a member of the Socialist Party.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and is a candidate in Economics (ULB); sociologist; Member of the Board of the RTBF (1992-96).

She was President of the Jewish Lay Community Center (1985-1995); Woman of the Year in 1991; Founding President of Actions in the Mediterranean for the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians as well as Judaeo-Arab in Belgium; Activist for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, women’s rights and human rights; Vice-president of the Music Fund project, which promotes cooperation in the field of music education and aims to collect musical instruments for distribution to young people in countries in conflict; Member of the Bureau of the Belgian Socialist Party since 2000; Member of the Cabinet of Laurette Onkelinx, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Belgium.

In 2009, she activated and organised alongside Pierre Galand, a demonstration aimed at promoting European sanctions against Israel and indirectly supporting Israeli leaders’ demands for condemnation.

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