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Gibraltar is not only geographically superbly located, it is also a place whose identity and strong added values are marked on a day to day basis by the co-operation of cultures and spiritual beliefs. This reality is the messenger of the signs that the world needs today.

We believe that the example of Convivencia is the one message that the world needs to see and hear, more than ever.

The Gibraltar World Music Festival was born in 2012 and has been proposing the best World Music artists through prestigious and unique shows. Each year, the GWMF tells the story of a region of the world or a specific style of music with the ambition of delivering the same strong values of peace, universalism and spirituality as Convivencia.

For 2017 we decided to go beyond the music and the festival itself and introduce the BRIGHTMED;

The BrightMed has the ambition to celebrate these values and become a unique meeting point of North-South/East-West. We have invited Sages (World Peace Leaders) to come and discuss world issues, starting with Convivencia.

BrightMed events took place from the 6 to the 8 of June 2017 as part of the Gibraltar World Music Festival.

The BrightMed International Conference took place at the University of Gibraltar. The BrightMed Film Festival took place at Leisure Cinemas and projected documentaries reflecting the struggle of Musicians from Mali followed by the BrightMed Talks available for students and lead by Peace Leaders and other relevant speakers.

Various local artists from the Gibraltar Fine Arts Association joint the BrightMed Art Exhibition called Convivencia. Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts; Gibraltar International Dance Academy; Schools amongst others participated in creation of a street party named ‘AFREEKA’. As well as Friends of the Festival such as shops like Newton store participated in promoting these events.

The GWMF remained as the music entertainment of the week proposing the following theme: UPRISING, which further illustrated the BrightMed concept.

As per every edition, GWMF arranged a Street Party open to the population of Gibraltar, called AFREEKA, at Commonwealth Park and concerts at the St Michael’s cave. It told the story of artists from Africa (Ethiopia and Mali) and their continuous fight to exist as musicians despite the oppression from extremists.

Gibraltar World Music Festival – BrightMed Programme 2017

BrightMed Film Festival
Date: 6th June
Time: 17.00 to 21.00
Venue: Leisure Cinemas
Concept: The Festival began on 6th June with the screening of two documentaries: ‘They will have to kill us first’ and ‘Mali Blues’.

‘They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian music in exile’ is a feature-length documentary following musicians in Mali in the wake of a jihadist takeover and subsequent banning of music. ‘Mali Blues’ is a musical journey following Fatoumata Diawara and discovering the country’s rich musical culture and it’s threat by radical Islamists.

BrightMed Talks
Date: 7th June
Time: 09.00 to 12.00
Venue: Ince’s Hall
Concept: The BrightMed engaged speakers to deliver talks to students of Gibraltar.

GWMF Street Party – AFREEKA in the Park
Date: 7th June
Time: 19.00 to 22.30
Venue: Commonwealth Park and Sir Herbert Miles Promenade
Concept: The Festival offered a street party in the centre town of Gibraltar and for the population of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar World Music Festival prepared a series of acts at Commonwealth Park involving the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts and the Gibraltar International Dance Academy among others such as Loreto School and Prior Park. Local companies provided food and drinks and several charities showed their work. The musical program included the concerts of Bassekou Kouyate and Yossi Fine.

BrightMed International Seminar
Date: 8th June
Time: 09.00 to 12.00
Venue: University of Gibraltar
The Sages of the Med (i.e. Speakers) presented and debated about co-existence in peace in a conference organised at the University of Gibraltar.

GWMF Concerts – Uprising
Date: 8th June
Time: 20.00 to 22.30
Venue: St. Michael’s Cave
Concept: Three exceptional and unique shows with three exceptional artists: Yossi Fine with Music from the Blue Desert, Gili Yalo from Ethiopia; and the Malian Ngoni player and Griot: the artist Bassekou Kouyate.

Bassekou Kouyate is considered to be the best ngoni player in the world, revolutionizing the playing of this traditional instrument and gathering Ngonis with different size and pitches in his groovy band “Ngoni ba”. Griots are esteemed musician/storytellers whose lineage stretches back centuries. Bassekou was born into this resonant tradition but his relationship to it has been anything but static. He is also dug into Blues and Country music.
Whether as a producer, arranger or bassist, Yossi Fine’s unique and undeniable talents have made him one of the most in demand names throughout a number of different genres. Throughout his years of playing and recording, he has worked with everyone from David Bowie and Lou Reed to Stanley Jordan and Gil Evans. A career spanning two decades and six continents includes seven gold and platinum CDs, Yossi fully engineered and produced over 25 albums, while contributing the bass on more than 150.

Gili Yalo combines Ethiopian roots with Soul, Funk, Groove, Psychedelic and Jazz music. The result is a rich, vivid, exceptional melody accompanied by Gili’s unique voice with lyrics in both English and Amharic. The music made by Gili embodies his own personal story, which inspires the rhythm and the flow of this whole music project. During Operation Moses, a mass migration of Ethiopian Jews fled from their native land on foot to refugees’ camps in Sudan. Together with his family, Gili walked through the desert towards the Promised Land and sang to his beloved ones. In the course of this exhausting and emotional journey it was the music that encouraged Gili and his family to keep on moving.



Gibraltar Productions is pleased to announce that this year’s edition of the Gibraltar World Music Festival will celebrate cultures of Lusophone (Portuguese speaking countries) with music, workshops and a street party. The actual edition will be called ‘Obrigado!’

This year’s World Music programme is delivered to the population of Gibraltar under the patronage of the Chief Minister. GWMF is proud and grateful to announce that this year’s Festival will be sponsored by the Government of Gibraltar, the Parasol Foundation, Kusuma Trust, JYSKE Bank, SG Hambros, Hyperion, Deloitte, Cuca Beer, Hassans, Gibtelecom, Margaux Philanthropy, EMID Gibraltar, Camara Municipal de Lisboa, Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa and Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel.

GWMF 2016 will have also Spotify as a ‘streaming partner’ giving to the audience a new way to enjoy and live this unique musical experience. Thanks to GWMF’s partnership, Spotify users can browse all their playlists and also have the option to Follow Gibraltar World Music Festival profile (

The artistic program will include exceptional musicians from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde are making their way to Gibraltar, to perform for their first time at St Michael’s Cave on the 23rd of June:

CsouzaTpascal copia- Carmen Souza: After the goodbye of the biggest Cape Verdean singer, Cesura Évora, Carmen Souza was named as one of the new generation singers to continue the successful path of the Cape Verdean music. Theo Pas’cal, her producer and mentor and one of the best bass players in Portugal, discovered her talent and introduced Carmen to Jazz and other contemporary sounds that markedly influenced her musical development.

Carmen Souza was born in Lisbon (81) within a Christian family of Cape Verdeans. Very early she experienced the “Sodade” feeling of missing someone with the long absence of her father due to his work at sea. She grew up in a mixed language environment of Creole, the Cape Verde dialect her parents spoke at home, and Portuguese, always surrounded by the Cape Verdean way of life.

In her teens she sang professionally in a Lusophone Gospel Choir. Being a strongly spiritual person, Carmen always saw music as her mission and felt privileged to have the opportunity to express herself through it, working hard every day to deserve that opportunity. Musicians like Luis Morais, Theo Pas’cal, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarret, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Horace Silver, etc, are definitely those that truly inspire her evolution and search for a unique personal style.

For further information:

Photo2 copia- Marcio Faraco: Brazilian music can be made anywhere in the world, and no one is better proof of this than musician and composer, Márcio Faraco. His melodies glide from samba to bossa nova, studded with inflections of jazz. Through his intimate words and rare poetic melancholy, Faraco has carved out a distinguished place for himself in the music world. Entirely lacking in cliché or affectation, his personal brand of Brazilian music is at once delicate and simple, primordial and refined, elegant and meticulous.

Acclaimed by the critics and embraced by the public, this first solo album sold over 60,000 copies worldwide. The Ciranda tour played to enthusiastic audiences throughout Europe, the United States and Canada, and Faraco was definitively confirmed as one of the most creative and original composers of Brazilian popular music, otherwise known as MPB (Música popular brasileira).Although coming to the public’s attention relatively late, Faraco’s relationship with music began early.

During his first years in Europe, Faraco earned his living playing from the extensive repertoire of Brazilian music, but he never gave up composing or the idea of one day releasing an album of his own songs in his own right.

For further information:

Foto: Leo Aversa - Crédito obrigatório.- Carminho: Carmo Rebelo de Andrade was born and raised in the midst of Fado. This is why Fado is as natural to her as breathing. She began to sing in public when she was twelve. Then she started to sing regularly in Taverna do Embuçado, in Alfama, Lisbon. The year of 2013 was the year of her consecration, confirmed by the astonishing performances in Brazil, Spain, Belgium, UK, France…

2011 was also the year for the start of a solid international career that will take her to the main stage of Women (World Music Expo), in Denmark, and to several gigs in the United Kingdom, France (Théatre de la Ville), Netherlands, Mozambique and Spain.

Singing “Perdoname” along with Pablo Alborán, Carminho became the first Portuguese artist to attain first position in Spanish music charts.

She released in 2012 her second album, “ALMA”, which entered directly to the first place of Portuguese charts and achieved remarkable places in several international charts. Already at the end of 2012, after accomplishing more than ninety shows in Portugal and worldwide, Carminho fulfilled her dream and recorded with Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque and Nana Caymmi, which lead to reediting “Alma” with the three new songs.

For further information:

Tickets will be available at 92 Irish Town at £30 (General Public) and £25 (Senior Citizens and Students). Tickets prices will be inclusive of Shuttle Service to the Cave. The pick up will start at 19.00 from Coach Park.

Come to my home / Come to my school
One of the aims of the Festival has always been to create a platform of involvement for the young generations. This year Gibraltar Productions has prepared an extensive program of activities for the students with the special support of Kusuma Trust: ‘Come to my home / Come to my school’. This is a scientific, cultural and artistic event initiated by Driss Alaoui Mdaghri, former minister and a very active figure in Moroccan civil society. The project will mix arts, cultures and nationalities. It is based on the principles of freedom, collaborative creativity, mixing and creative dialogue of cultures, the cardinal values of the World Cultures Foundation.

The goal of this educational program is to create a cultural activity that benefits the students in Gibraltar, cultivate a love of reading and art, music and poetry and represent a valuable contribution to cultural animation of Gibraltar. Artists from Morocco, Senegal, France, Italy, USA, Spain, China, Japan, Mali, Burkina Fasso, India, Australia, Iran, Turkey, Estonia and Canada will participate in this activity organized in conjunction with the Department of Education and sponsored by Kusuma Trust.

GWMF Ambassadors
Gibraltar Productions is looking for senior volunteers to be part of GWMF 2016 production Team. Our ‘Senior Team’ upon successful applications will be part of following activities: Hospitality Management, VIP Coordination and Care and Front House and Backstage Management.

Successful applicants will be an important part of the production team and will have access to all events of the Festival. They will also get a chance to meet all musicians attending the festival.

Interested parties please call and/or write to 20068899 & in order to arrange interviews.

Last but not least Gibraltar Productions is planning more events related to the Festival such as exhibitions, conferences, film projections and street parties during next few months. Watch the space for updates.

For additional information, visit Gibraltar World Music Festival social media.

LOGOS copia 2


This year’s edition celebrated cultures of Maghreb and Morocco with world music, workshops and street parties with the support of the Government of Gibraltar, the Parasol Foundation, Tourism of Morocco, SG Hambros, Hassans, Hyperion, Deloitte, JYSKE Bank, Casablanca Beer, Ramparts, Royal Air Maroc and Sunborn Hotel.

16th June – 20.00 at Leisure Cinemas

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-20 a las 10.46.00

The Festival begun the 16th June with the screening of the documentary ‘Tinghir-Jerusalem: echoes from the Mellah’ directed by the French-Moroccan director Kamal Hachkar. This film is the fruit of a personal quest which has led Kamal for now towards the remaining traces of Berber diasporas, both Jewish and Muslim. This journey into the heart of his identities has taken him from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains to Israel via France and the Mediterranean and enabled him to assert and ascertain his position within this culture.

‘Tinghir-Jerusalem: echoes from the Mellah’ will make the audience travel from one country to the other in search of the protagonist. Between individual and collective memories, from the oldest to the youngest, each one of them will allow the public little by little to pick up and follow the thread of the history. Not only that, the Moroccan filmmaker Kamal Hachkar will include the Rock in his next documentary, which will look into Moroccans abroad who have kept their heritage and will be a portrait of the third generation of Jewish and Muslim artists who continue to perpetuate their way of common heritage.

Entrance to this event is for free and tickets can be collected at 92 Irish Town.

17th June – 19.00 at Commonwealth Park

The Gibraltar World Music Festival prepared an event at Commonwealth Park called ‘Le Souk’ that gave an opportunity to the population of Gibraltar and around to discover the sounds, smells and colours that Morocco can offer at its best. Loreto’s School choir together with Danza Academy of Gibraltar and the Centro de Arte Flamenco David Morales among other participated in this street party.

The musical program included several concerts:

- Since her childhood, Neta Elkayam has been surrounded by Moroccan-Jewish music, as a result, together with the members of her band- the younger generation, she has taken a leading role in all that pertains to the Moroccan music in Israel. The ultimate goal of the band is to combine their love of traditional Moroccan music, their loyalty to a young, contemporary identity and their commitment to taking the music forward to the next stage with compositions and texts that are relevant to today.

Each member of the band has his/her own musical language which they juxtapose with the musical traditions of their mentors. The songs written by them in Darija, a Moroccan dialect, are an attempt to produce authentic contemporary traditional songs in Moroccan Arabic based on traditional sources and aimed at the largest possible audiences. It is also an attempt to bring together Maghreb communities, Jews and Muslims, and open up the hearts of listeners whoever they may be.

The ‘Howa Jani’ project is inspired by archival recordings and old records of Jewish Maroccan musicians, and consists of their own arrangements of traditional Moroccan songs, as well as original compositions by Neta and her partner Amit. This is a project in which the ecstatic rhythms combine with nostalgic melodies of the Maghreb, and classic sound with contemporary musical sensibilities.


- Jazz Oil was created in July 2008 in Tunis by an unexpected duo: Bassist Slim Abida & Qanunist* Nidhal Jaoua, both using their instrument as solists. Later joined by a drum & brass section as well as keyboards, Duality still shapes the band Identity as for styles and territories involved: Jazz/ Groove & Oriental music heritage.

*Qanun is an oriental stringed instrument (78 chords) created at the end of the IXth century in Arabic Countries & Middle-East. It is traditionally used in Oriental Music. With an innovative technique & his compositions, Nidhal Jaoua widens the scope of the instrument and opens it to new horizons.

Actually, there is no real territory nor boundary: what Jazz Oil proposed is use music as a LIANT for cultures & territories. Jazz Oil has played on numerous prestigious stages & festivals accross Tunisia, France & Spain: Jamel Comedy Club, Sunset/ Sunside, Le Chat Noir, Baisé Salé, Cité internationale des Arts, Festival de la Medina, Festival du Cinéma de la Paix, Espace culturel de Birlahjar, Día de Solidaridad con el Pueblo Tunecino…

- David Morales is a Flamenco dancer and choreographer, whose strength is linked to a natural talent. He is a master of all flamenco styles. He is touring with his last choreography: Lorca, Madly in Love, that embodies the figure of the Andalusian poet Garcia Lorca, with himself and the memories that will engage and partner the public in this heartbreaking story of love that gives notice, for the first time, of the last affair of the poet and that might be the reason why he did not flee to Spain despite the fact that he knew his life was in danger.

Now he is touring with his last choreography: Lorca, Madly in Love. It is a choreographic and a flamenco dialogue of David Morales, who embodies the figure of the Andalusian poet Garcia Lorca, with himself and the memories that will engage and partner the public in this heartbreaking story of love that gives notice,for the first time, of the last affair of the poet and that might be the reason why he did not flee to Spain despite he knew his life was in danger.
The entire burden of this secret kept for 75 years will be unveiled on the scene, including the remnants of a life that eludes his protagonist, full of lights, shadows and splendor and that sometimes seem like a pipe dream. So much so that at times your character will not know if he is no more than the shadow of that love as bright as definite that sentenced him to a lifetime of that silent and buried in his heart to blame.

Several tents with food, drinks, handcraft and workshops were available for the attendees at the boulevard located at Line Wall Road.

18th June – 09.00 at Garrison Library

The Gibraltar World Music Festival in conjunction with the University of Gibraltar organized a conference at Garrison Library untitled “Meeting Morocco”. The ambition was to propose to the people of Gibraltar an overview of Morocco’s values and its current dynamics.

This event welcomed two speakers, all from Morocco: Driss Alaoui Mdaghri and Asma Chaabi. The conference (and Q&A with a panel) was moderated by Michael Kirtley.

Driss Alaoui- Eclectic author, key-on, Driss Alaoui Mdaghri is the founder of « La Fondation des Cultures du Monde » and “Come To My Home” concept ( and of the Poetic and Musical Group of the same name. He multiplies experiments and modes of expression regardless of intellectual borders and territories. From professorship (Former Director of ISCAE, the main Business School in Morocco, and professor) to public office, company builder, active figure in the Moroccan civil society, columnist and author of several books including collections of poetry (“En Quête de Mots”, “Librement” and “Refugié Poetique”) he does not hesitate to be on stage in a play (“Les Amazones du Crabe ») and to act in a movie or to paint with the same enthusiasm at the risk sometimes of disturbing conventional minds.

This experience mixes genres and cultures and precisely matches the values that Driss Alaoui Mdaghri grows and tries to share in Morocco and elsewhere, values based on the search for peace, dialogue, tolerance and openness to others that underlie all what he undertakes.

Driss Alaoui Mdaghri exercised many functions at the governmental level for nearly a decade. He thus held the following portfolios: Minister of Communication and Spokesman of the Government (1995-1998), Minister of Youth and Sports (1994 -1995), Minister of Energy and Mines (1990-1994 ), Secretary of State for Foreign Affaires in charge of the Arab Maghreb Union (1989-1990).


- Asma Chaabi is the first and unique woman to be ever democratically elected mayor in the history of her country in 2003. Asma Chaabi, known for her strong motivation, ability to lead, willingness to help, and above all, her high determination to assist in the development of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Her natural leadership, high energy, ambition, corporate background and international education came to a perfect synergy in the service of the Mystical City of Essaouira.

Before running for office, Asma Chaabi was and still is the Executive Vice President of YNNA Holding, one of Morocco’s largest privately owned conglomerations. founded by her father, the self-made man Miloud Chaabi in 1948.

Asma Chaabi serves on several Foundation Boards and non-governmental organizations who focus on women, childrens’ issues, and the underprivileged in particular.

Asma Chaabi keeps a busy international civic agenda and is a frequent international speaker invited to share her own experience in political reforms, family laws and Human Rights in Morocco.

In May 2008, Asma Chaabi was coopted by the International Women Forum(IWF)to found the Moroccan chapter and was elected its President in Hong-Kong’s Cornerstone Conference in 2009. Thus, she was appointed by IWF Global as the Special Advisor in the MENA Region to help to found new Chapters in 2010.

- Michael Kirtley is a Journalist, Photographer and an International Organizations Founder. On many occasions Michael has served as communications advisor to African leaders, most notably to the Moroccan government for almost a decade, to President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal, and to the Benin presidency.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Michael founded the very successful organization The Friendship Caravan to nurture understanding among people of diverse cultures. In recent years, he initiated many exchanges between Americans and the people of the Arab World.

18th June – 20.00 at St. Michael’s Cave

Dhafer Youssef
The climax of the Festival was the two main concerts that took place at St. Michael’s Cave. Following to the successful 2014 tour, Dhafer Youssef came to Gibraltar within his European tour, one of the most promising Jazz and World Music tour in Europe this year. His album “Birds Requiem” stayed 445 days in the top 100 of the Jazz Album on Amazon, his video’s concert in Izmir has reached 290.000 views on You Tube, he has 85.000 friends on Facebook who follows him actively. His unique voice, the alchemy of his cosmopolite influences and his charisma make every concert a unique and amazing experience.

Dhafer Youssef is a Tunisian Oud player, vocalist and composer born in November 19th, 1967 in Teboulba. Descendent of a modest family from this Center-eastern fishing village, he comes from a long line of muezzins. For him mastering vocal performances is a heritage.

Seduced by Jazz and other musical genres such as Indian music, he multiplied Jam sessions and encounters at different bars and clubs playing live music until he met Gerhard Reiter.It is along with this Austrian percussionist that he formed his first band “Zeryab”.In 1996, his multiple discoveries and experiences in Vienne gave birth to his first album “Musafer” (The Traveler, in Arabic). This album was the result of an atypical encounter with Anton Burger, Achim Tang, Jatinder Thakur and Otto Leichner. He presents his project to Porgy & Bess, a renowned Viennese club. After a successful first night at the club, he is offered a carte blanche and starts a series of monthly concerts. Over the concerts, Dhafer gains in maturity. The confirmation comes with the release in 1998 of “Malak” under the Label Enja Records.

A result of his interest for his vocal undulations and the resonances of sounds, the jazz music in “Electric Sufi” was an opportunity for Dhafer Youssef to experiment new things with his voice and to use it as an instrument. The musical alloy has strenghtned during a second inspiring tour.

portrait04 copiaPrior to this concert, the Franco-Moroccan singer Françoise Atlan -in charge of the artistic direction of the Festival- ensured the creation of a specially appointed concert entitled ‘Convivencia’. This concert was a tribute of Gibraltar to the Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques based in Essaouira. Musicians of all religions performed in St. Michael’s Cave and brought the cultures on both sides of the strait. The band Jazz Oil, Abir El Abed, Neta Elkayam, David Morales and Françoise Atlan took part on this event.




Gibraltar World Music Festival, in its third edition, came to the Rock with the theme “Chindia” and through several weeks numerous activities were held as part of the Festival. In this space of fusion, ethnics and traditional themes, the GWMF proposed the best artists of the genre and masters of ancient instruments, keeping the quality at it highest in the St Michael’s Cave.

The main events were at St Michael’s cave on the 19th with 3 concerts (20.00 pm):

Nathan Conroy


The internationally renowned professional dancer and choreographer Nathan Conroy ( will be creating a show based on Chinese and Indian dances. He trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance before embarking on a long diverse international career.

From working with numerous classical dance companies, dance theatre and contact companies, to break dance and commercial experiences working with Wyclef Jean, Spice Girls, Brian Harvey to name but a few. Nathan has also spent many years touring world wide with the internationally acclaimed hit ‘STOMP’.

After 15 years of professional career, Nathan Conroy returned to Gibraltar and launched a performing arts centre “Art In Movement”.

Art In Movement Centre

Mieko Miyazaki & Guo Gan


This duo was born in France of the meeting of two professional musicians who would never have crossed had they remained in their native Far East… Yet the Japanese koto and plucked stringed Chinese erhu were made for each other. Geography and history have separated the Chinese and Japanese cultures, one inspired by the great outdoors and the other born of the confrontation between the mountains and the ocean.

Both artists have been trained in different musical traditions, both at the highest level of excellence and virtuosity. But their openness and curiosity drives them to enrich their practice ‘classic’ by an external supply. Their mutual listening and friendship let their modes of expression to merge to give new life to traditional melodies of the two countries, and to create compositions.

Guo Gan & Mieko Miyazaki au Satellit-Café Roanne-Villerest

Itamar Doari


Itamar was born in Israel 1985. He began his musical training when he was only six years old, playing traditional percussion instruments such as Frame Drums, Darbuka, Riq and more. During the years He had the honor to learn from some of the greatest music teachers in hand-drums and percussion from Israel and abroad – include Zohar Fresco, Glen Vallez, Sallem Darwish and Ahmed Taher.

Playing in some of the most well-known stages and festivals in Israel and around the world, Itamar has become a strong force in the percussion scene world-wide, making his unique way and sound and reaching big audiences around the world. He does so, playing different percussion instruments and collaborating with artists from different styles and origins world-wide.

Itamar toured for 3 years with Avishai Cohen including 3 records together. Their latest album “Seven Seas” which Itamar also Co-produced was nominated for the france Grammy award and listed as top1st playlist in France, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

Itamar Doari (with Avishai Cohen) – Alon Basela (live at Union Chapel, London – 29.04.2010)

Nitin Sawhney


Nitin Sawhney has had a career that spans decades of solo albums (10), film scoring (over 50), video game soundtracks (Ninja Theory),work for dance (notably the legendary Akram Khan), theatre (Complicite), commissions for leading orchestras (The London Symphony Orchestra and others in Australia, America, Canada, Holland, New Zealand etc.), dj sets (Fabric, womadelaide, Big Chill etc.), television soundtracks (BBC1 series Human Planet), radio broadcasting (Nitin Sawhney Spins the Globe for BBC Radio2) and live performances around the world with his band from the Royal Albert Hall to Sydney Opera House.

For the above, Sawhney has received a MOBO, 2 Ivor Novello nominations, a Mercury prize nomination, a Southbank show award, a BAFTA nomination, 2 BBC Radio 3 world music awards , a New York Bessie and 15 other major national and international awards. Sawhney also holds 5 Honorary doctorates from 5 separate British universities and is a fellow of LIPA and Southbank university. He turned down an OBE in 2007 for ethical reasons.

Nitin performed at St Michael’s Cave featuring guest performances from the extensive vocal talents of Nicki Wells and percussion skills of tabla maestro Aref Durvesh, an intimate show that the audience was able to see later in Womad (july) and at the London’s Royal Albert Hall in September.

Nitin Sawhney performing “Sunset” on KCRW

Festival’s program of World Music, Art and Culture was shared with the population under the patronage of the Chief Minister of the Rock and with the support of the Government of Gibraltar, The Bonita Trust, SG Hambros, Hyperion Group of Companies, Margaux Philanthropy, Hassans, Deloitte, BIH, Instituto Cervantes in Gibraltar.



This year’s festival was a fascinating exploration of Minor Asia and its music and culture in the most wonderful ways. Exceptional artists from Greece, Turkey, Israel and Iran will made their ways to Gibraltar to perform for the very first time at the St Michael’s cave for two nights in June.

Gibraltar Productions is a brainchild of Yan Delgado and Frederic Ohana. They were the driving force behind the first Gibraltar World Music Festival “Sephardic Divas” back in 2012. Festival’s great success let them to develop a bigger festival that will happen this year.

Gibraltar Productions now is managed by Fatosh Samuray who is originally from Cyprus and resides in Gibraltar since 2005. She, being an inspiration of this year’s theme, recruited the talented Maestro Tom Cohen (Artistic Director, Conductor and Musician) and Liene Lapsevska (management of the festival. Gibraltar Productions Ltd not only runs the festival but also is involved in artist management (Mor Karbasi for example) and production of albums and development of Sephardic Stories.

Festival the new Edition


Wednesday, 19th June 2013



20:00 – 20:40 En Chordais

21:00 – 22:15 The Sweet Canary Ensemble      


On the 19th of June, the first night of the Festival welcomed En Chordais ( from Thessaloniki (Greece). With their 30 minutes concert they showed the soul of immigration between Turkey and Greece during the last century. Through an osmotic procedure the group successfully combined Byzantine and art music of Mediterranean with Greek regional idioms and contemporary music. Collaborating occasionally with virtuosi from all over the world the ensemble presented a multimedia mosaic dating from the 13th century to today.

The main show of the night was The Sweet Canary Ensemble ( a tribute to Rosa Eskenazi, the Turkish/Greek singer who sublimed the Rebetiko style music from the thirties to the seventies. Three Divas, a Turkish, an Israeli and a Greek one performed together on stage with their 12 musicians and in their respective languages.




Thursday, 20th June 2013


20:00 – 20:40 Mark Eliyahu Ensemble and Amir Shahzad

21:00 – 22:15 Yasmin Levy and Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon


The second night started with Mark Eliyahu Ensemble. Mark was born Jewish in Israel and spent years learning how to play the Kamencheh, the Persian “violin” in Azerbaijan. The main act of this second night welcomed the famous Yasmin Levy, the most important Sephardic Diva nowadays performing with more than 20 musicians from the Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon conducted by Tom Cohen.


Passage to Asia is a unique World Music program and its existence could not be possible without the involvement of the Gibraltar Government, Hyperion Group of Companies, SG Hambros, Hassans, Instituto Cervantes Gibraltar, Schimmel Family and Margaux Philanthropy.



Festival Last Edition

The Gibraltar World Music Festival (GWMF) and its debut event Sephardic Divas, was the brainchild of Yan Delgado and Frederic Ohana who recruited the expertise of Liene Lapševska of the Gibraltar Philarmonic Society. An entirely philanthropic initiative, the concert under the wider umbrella of GWMF and the music label Sephardic Stories, aimed to promote Ladino Music not only in the Gibraltar community, but throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The event took place on the 9th of July at St Michael’s Cave and was guaranteed to promote Gibraltar as a whole through the expected international media coverage, placing it firmly on the map of Ladino/Sephardic and world music events. Booked to take part are Sarah Aroeste from New York, OFIR from Madrid, Françoise Atlan from France and Marrakech and Mor Karbasi for Jerusalem based in Seville.

So what is Sephardic & Ladino Music?

Since the period of Roman antiquity after the 2nd century, Spanish Jews gave the name ‘Sepharad’ to the Iberian Peninsula. The descendants of Spanish Jews refer to themselves as Sephardi Jews (Hebrew, plural: Sephardim)  and still identify Spain  as Sepharad in Modern Hebrew.

The grammatical structure of the ancient language that formed the fabric of the songs is close to that of Spanish, with the addition of many terms from Hebrew, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian depending on the geographic origin of the speaker.

Like many other Jewish languages, Judaeo-Spanish is in danger of language extinction.  Most native speakers are elderly, many of them having immigrated to Israel where the language was not transmitted to their children or grandchildren however, Ladino music is experiencing a revival amongst Sephardic communities.

Testing the interest in the project back in 2011, ‘Sephardic Stories’ launched a Facebook page. A year on, the page has been averaging 10 000 hits per week. As a result of it’s growing popularity, the creators Yan and Frederic have been contacted by recognized artists and radio stations with fantastic opportunities for development. The two have already produced an album, ‘Gracia’, compiled of original songs featuring Ladino singer and songwriter, Sarah Aroeste, who is based in New York ( They are also currently working with the French artist, Françoise Atlan and Israeli, Mor Karbasi.

Yan Delgado speaking about the project said “We have been overwhelmed with the level interest in the Sephardic Stories project and the support in creating a Gibraltar World Music Festival, from institutions like Radio Sefarad, Casa Sefarad, Israel Madrid Radios, the Government of Gibraltar, Hassans, Hyperion, Margaux Philanthropy, Manatel, SG Hambros to name but a few. It seems only few months ago we decided to create the label ‘Sephardic Stories’ and with the success of the first artist, the plan is to produce even more Ladino Music, to cut and distribute a DVD from the Sephardic Divas concert tour and then release these at the Womex (the International World Music Fair) in October”.



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